12 Reasons Why You Should Buy Mihir’s Handbook!

Mihir’s handbook has 44 eBooks and it is based on practical process engineering and it is written for all level of chemical engineers.

It has covered many topics which is not available in any other books.

  1. In addition to chemical engineering, the book contains project management chapters.
  2. Process engineering documentation are included for working engineers.
  3. Included are many worked out calculation examples in each chapter.
  4. Entire chapter on Instrumentation and Control is included.
  5. Chapter on actual safety studies used in process engineering. Sample example of HAZOP is covered.
  6. Chapter on Special Process Items which are very useful for working process engineer.
  7. Chapter on Special Process Studies like RAM, Flow Assurance.
  8. Chapter on Pre-commissioning and Commissioning.
  9. Chapter on Cost, Time and Resources (CTR) Estimation, a tool used by companies for engineering effort estimation.
  10. Chapter on Project types in Chemical Industry and how they are to be handled differently by a process engineer.
  11. Chapter on Utility systems.
  12. It has usable excel based calculation templates, datasheets, TBE, Checklists

Mihir’s Handbook at just USD 2.0/ebook (India: Rs.150/ebook)

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