How To Install

Instructions for direct download

1.Download or Copy the zip file you have downloaded into any other drive other than “C” drive on any windows based laptop or computer.

2. After extraction, use WinZip software (Free download from internet).

3. Open extracted folder, right click, open and install “TrusCont_Virtual_Drive_manager-xyz.exe”

4. Check “I accept…” checkbox and Install it.

5.After successful installation, open (double click) “The Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering-vdp.tciso” file.

6. Open Autorun_tc.exe file once.

7. Activation screen is a popup, enter activation code which will be provided via email to you by an author.

8. A virtual drive is created, open the folder to access PDF file, open it using Adobe profession or Adobe Reader.

Note: every time opens the Ebook by clicking virtual drive. In this case, it is H: drive.

Note: If above procedure does not open the PDF (this occurs in very few cases) then follow below procedure.

Select downloaded file path of .tciso

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