Mihir’s Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering

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This book is for all levels of chemical process engineers, process safety engineers, mechanical engineers and project management professionals.

Handbook Details:

1 No. of Chapters 44
2 No. of Pages 4000
3 Figures 2265
4 Tables 440
5 Calculation Templates 40
6 Datasheets 93
7 TBE Blank Formats 11
8 Checklists 25

It includes all types of:

  • Design Data
  • Optimization Tips
  • Go-by Documents
  • Sample Calculations
  • Drawings / Diagrams
  • Data Sheets
  • Calculation Templates


This book will aid the chemical engineer to carry out chemical process engineering in a very practical way.

  • Unlike theoretical books this book is based on practical process engineering.
  • In addition to chemical engineering it has project management chapters.
  • Actual worked out calculation examples.
  • Process engineering documentation for working engineers.
  • Entire chapter on Instrumentation and Control which most other books don’t have.
  • Chapter on actual safety studies used in process engineering which most of the books don’t have.
  • Sample example of HAZOP is covered.
  • Chapter on Special Process Items very useful for working process engineer.
  • Chapter on Special Process Studies like RAM, Flow Assurance
  • Chapter on Pre-commissioning and Commissioning.
  • Cost, Time and Resources (CTR) Estimation, a tool used by companies for engineering effort estimation.
  • Chapter on Project types in Chemical Industry and how they are to be handled differently by a process engineer.
  • Chapter on Utility systems.
Volume I
(Chapters 1 to 25)
This volume provides complete design information on various different equipment encountered by process engineer like separators, pumps, compressors, fired heaters, fans, exchangers, etc. as well as utility systems design.
Considerable in-depth information has been provided on design, types, applications, specifications, etc.
Volume II
(Chapters 26 to 39)
This volume provides the various types of projects, the different engineering disciplines involved, engineering documentation produced by a process engineer, elaboration on contents of each document, specialized studies, safety studies, elaboration on instrumentation & automation, materials of construction, technical bid analysis, details on precommissioning / commissioning, go-by optimized examples of many shell & tube and air cooled heat exchangers, go-by process philosophies, etc.
Volume III
(Chapters 40 to 44)
This volume provides excel based ready to use blank checklists, blank ready to use formats for many process documents, blank ready to use data sheets for equipment / instruments as well as easy to use calculation templates for many process engineering calculations. Additionally, many reference P&IDs are provided.

Included Usable excelsheet files

  • Calculation templates for many process engineering calculations
  • Excel templates on Equipment and Instrumentation data sheets
  • Excel Technical Bid Evaluation
  • Excel based Checklists

This book is good for (Interdisciplinary Areas)

  • Working Chemical Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Operating Chemical Manufacturing Companies
  • Engineering Consultancy Companies
  • College students

7 reviews for Mihir’s Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering

  1. Abhijeet Bagdure (verified owner)

    Really a helpful handbook , covered all technical content i really command this to process engineer to build up the industrial technical concepts.

    • Mihir

      Thanks Abhijeet for your kind words.

  2. Vishal M. Mahamuni (verified owner)

    The handbook is really helpful for the process Engineer like me to get right industrial process knowledge considering all scenario of process equipment,design aspects etc. Its pleasure to have this handbook.

    • Mihir

      Thanks Vishal for your words of appreciation

  3. Harish Advani, Owner of Frigmaires

    We have been regularly referring to your hand book for the various projects being executed by us. The contents of the book are very useful and informative for our line of business.
    We strongly recommend this handbook to Design engineering and EPC contracting firms. I wish you all the best and look forward to receiving updates as and when available.
    H.S. Advani

    • Mihir

      Thanks Harish for kind words. I am glad that you find the ebook so useful in your daily work and are recommending same to others.

  4. manasee2711

    This book is an awe-inspiring contribution to the field of process engineering. Crisp, application oriented chapters speak volumes of the author’s rich experience. It is a comprehensive guide to process engineering as well as acquaints one with the allied disciplines and activities that come into the picture while working as a process engineer. The additional calculation templates, datasheets formats, check lists provided are a boon to any engineering company. I am glad to find such an exhaustive resource and will definitely be studying and referring it time and again in my career.

  5. Sellam

    I am very satisfied with the chapters I have gone through so far. A very promising reference guide which I hope improves my understanding of the subject. Kudos to the author for providing such a complete package.

  6. Tushar Sapdhare (verified owner)

    I purchased the book as an experiment since it was written by a working professional having enriched experience in process engineering. And I realized that the book has nicely covered all the technical content. It’s well organized and meets the requirements of junior as well as senior professionals working in chemical engineering field. Thank you sir for your efforts. All the best.

  7. Dr. N. Patel

    This handbook is a very composite and detailed reference book which I am very pleasantly amazed to buy at such a reasonable price. I hope to learn a lot from it.

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