The latest update to Mihir’s Handbook, featuring a host of major improvements!

You asked, we heard.

Interest in Mihir’s Handbook from engineers worldwide has been overwhelming. However, feedback has made us realize two bottlenecks that hold readers back from purchasing the book.

  1. Currently, direct-download allows for reading the e-book on only one Windows device. A solution is to purchase the USB Pendrive version, which may be accessed on multiple Windows devices. But that had it’s own issue.
  2. While readers in India may avail free shipping through direct orders of the USB pendrive version (or order it through Amazon), readers internationally have to bear a USD 40 shipping fee. Furthermore, it takes 7-10 days to deliver internationally.

We’ve addressed these issues in our latest Windows version, ensuring all our readers enjoy the same seamless reading experience.

Key features in this update include :

  1. Read your copy on multiple Windows devices, one at a time.
  2. Download immediately. Period. No USB pen drive, no shipping cost, no waiting.

Read at the office, at home, your favorite cafe, or any place you find most comfortable.

It’s never been easier, so grab your copy now!