Chapter 11: Incinerators

11.1.1Incinerators related important references3
11.2Waste Gas Stream Treatment Technologies3
11.2.1Thermal Oxidizers5
11.2.2Other Gas Waste stream VOC reduction Technology Types9
11.3Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Waste Incinerators14
11.3.1Waste Characterization15
11.3.2Characterization Factors affecting Waste Profile17
11.3.3Optimum Waste Profile for Design18
11.4Types of solid, liquid and gaseous waste incinerators19
11.4.1Rotary Kiln Incinerator19
11.4.2Liquid Injection Incinerator24
11.4.3Fluidised Bed Incinerator27
11.4.4Multiple Hearth Incinerator28
11.4.5Plasma Incinerator31
11.5The additional support infrastructure in a central HWI facility33
11.6Air Pollution Control Equipment38
11.7Depending on the type of waste, the various different configuration56
11.7.1Incineration process configurations for disposal of gaseous or liquid waste with no appreciable SOx or NOx production.57
11.7.2Incineration of Gaseous or Liquid waste to control SOx or Cl2 / HCl59
11.7.3Incineration of Gaseous or Liquid to control NOx60
11.7.4Incineration of Gaseous or Liquid Waste to Control NOx and Cl2 / HCl61
11.7.5Incineration of Liquid waste to control particulars62
11.7.6Incineration of solid waste with no appreciable SOx or NOx production64
11.7.7Incineration of fine solids in gaseous waste to control particulates65
11.7.8Incineration of fine solid waste to control NOx66
11.7.9Incineration of Solid Waste to control particulates66
11.7.10Incineration of High Nitrogen Crude to control NOx67