I have now become a frequent user of the handbook. I am always trying to find ways to improve & I think I might have come across one. The handbook is becoming my companion.

I am very often referring to it. It is really good. I keep being amazed at how you manage to put such a comprehensive piece together.

Herve Baron

Herve BaronAuthor (The Oil & Gas Engineering Guide) - France

Mihir’s manual seems to be appropriate. As chemical engineer senior, editor of several books, others to be published in my area and with more than 40+ years of experience, I consider it a Titanic and applaudable feat of a ChE professional.

Therefore the work of Mr. Mihir is recommended.

Fernando De Armas

Fernando De ArmasConsulting Professional - Italy

I am a process engineer with approximately 12 years’ experience in oil and gas engineering design and construction both onshore and offshore facilities. In my opinion, this chemical process handbook is complete enough, covered almost all technical aspect and has practical side that really helpful for me in designing equipment or generating a comprehensive process study. Its price is also reasonable and I recommend for all process engineers who want to enrich their knowledge to buy this handbook as their reference.

Sesep Sianturi

Sesep SianturiProcess Engineer - Indonesia

What you have put together in this book is a great knowledge. You are serving the entire chemical engineering fraternity with this handbook.

Definitely, it’s going to be a great reading and references. Apart from this, I strongly believe in Indian talent, always want to be an ambassador for Vocal for Local.

Very few Indian author attempts to write, not because of knowledge but support from publishers and readers & my great thanks for your efforts.

Nilesh Varma

Nilesh VarmaProcess Engineer - Saudi Arabia

The Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering is written by very experienced Process & Safety professional Mr. Mihir Patel. The book covers theoretical and practical aspects of all the relevant topics of process engineering. It gives very good insight of design of various process equipment likes vessels, columns, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers / fired heater etc…

Book consists of Various checklists. It will help process engineer for cross checking the design thoroughly. This book also consists of various process equipment sizing templates. It will help process engineer for estimating typical sizes of various process equipment. It also provides very good guidance on simulation and necessary thermodynamic models. It is a very good handy book for fresh graduates as well as experienced process engineers.

Naresh Khandale

Naresh KhandaleChemical Engineer - India

Having 5 years of experience in petrochemical process industry & 10 years of experience in the corrosion field as cathodic protection engineer.

The chemical process engineering handbook is the one stop solution for all process engineers who are in designing side, EPC project side, operation side and process plant erection, testing & commissioning side.

The author has compiled complete data in a nutshell required for a process engineer to design process equipment with his vast experience in chemical process industry & thankful for his efforts to bring such a great practical handy book for a process engineer.

The essence of this book is selection of process equipment with technical details, checklist, Datasheets, calculation templates for process equipment & completely practical oriented book for all levels of process engineers.

Syed Fayaz Ahmed

Syed Fayaz AhmedProcess Engineer - Saudi Arabia

This chemical engineering hand book is a very useful reference to all chemical engineers. It has very useful information on process engineering and contains different process designs based on experience of the author.

It has many process calculations, process Data sheets, calculation templates and P&ID’s as a reference. I strongly recommend all the process engineers in consultancies or production companies to purchase this valuable unique hand book.

Mandana Tehranifar

Mandana TehranifarLead Process Engineer - Iran

This book was worth spending my money on as it has excellent level of detail and information related to Chemical Process Engineering. I really appreciate for spending your time and effort in compiling and publishing this handbook.

Information related to a particular topic is easily accessible. That helps our root-cause work tremendously.

I am 100% confident that this handbook will help engineers involved in the design, selection, maintenance and operation of any Chemical Process Plant. With far reaching, comprehensive coverage across a range of topics from design specifications to maintenance troubleshooting, this handbook will provide all the essentials to learn and fill knowledge gaps.

Alkesh Shah

Alkesh ShahChemical Engineer - India

I have received the pen drive version as per scheduled date. This enormous compilation of data is best tool for any process engineer. I believe I can use the book as a ready reference any where, any time.

Parimal Deshpande

Parimal DeshpandeChemical Process Engineer - India

Ebook titled “The Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering” and compiled by Mihir Patel is an excellent collection of technical articles & spreadsheets which would be useful to all Chemical Engineers young & old. The compilation is crisp, precise and tailor made for all Process Engineers who could diligently utilize them in their daily course of work.

I would like to take this opportunity to complement Mihir Patel for this masterpiece collection.

Rohinton Patel

Rohinton PatelChemical Process Engineer - India