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    set of 40 chemical engineering books

    Set of 40 Chemical Engineering Books !!!

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    # Book Title (25 eBooks) Sub Index Pages
    Preface, Foreword and Overall Table of Contents 6
    1 Introduction 5
    2 General view 138
    3 Pumps (read sample article) view 181
    4 Compressors view 149
    5 Fans and Blowers view 59
    6 Heat Exchangers (read sample article) view 93
    7 Pressure vessels, Tanks and Bullets (read sample article) view 58
    8 Fractionators and Absorbers view 396
    9 Separators view 92
    10 Fired Heaters view 142
    11 Incinerators view 68
    12 Agitated Vessels view 86
    13 Safety Relief Systems view 255
    14 Line Sizing, Hydraulics view 76
    15 Vacuum systems view 90
    16 Utilities System Design (read sample article) view 469
    17 Dryers view 48
    18 Motors view 16
    19 Evaporators view 62
    20 Materials Handling & Pneumatic Conveying view 78
    21 Crystallisers view 32
    22 Steam and Gas Turbines view 84
    23 Leaching and Extraction view 77
    24 Special Process Items (read sample article) view 191
    25 Additional Process Calculations view 50
    # Book Title (14 eBooks) Sub Index Pages
    26 Project Types (read sample article) view 13
    27 Engineering Disciplines and Sequence of Engineering view 60
    28 Overall Engineering Documentation for all Disciplines in a Project view 13
    29 Process Design Documentation (read sample article) view 256
    30 TBE Guidelines (read sample article) view 44
    31 Safety Studies view 15
    32 Automation and Control view 138
    33 Material of Construction view 90
    34 Cost, Time & Resource Estimation view 10
    35 Inspection and Testing view 11
    36 Precommissioning, Commissioning and Guarantee Run view 58
    37 Specialised Studies view 55
    38 Heat Exchanger Optimization view 156
    39 Philosophies view 28
    # Book Title (1 Book on P&IDs & 170 Excel files) Sub Index Excelsheets
    40 Calculation Templates (view snapshot) view (40 templates)
    41 Checklists view (25 checklist)
    42 Datasheets view (93 datasheets)
    43 Technical Bid Evaluation Formats view (12 formats)
    44 Go-By Reference P&IDs view (41 P&IDs)

    Advanced Course On Chemical Process Engineering (90+ Videos)


    • Purpose & Coverage of Chemical Process Engineering
    • Chemical Process Engineering Fundamentals
    • Industry Knowledge (Subjects Not Taught in Colleges)
    • Example Calculations
    • Procurement Related Aspects & TBE
    • Actual Executed Documents From Projects

    This course is useful for

    • Junior & Senior Working Professionals
    • Fresh Graduate & Students


    • 90+ in-depth videos
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    Why Mihir Patel Has Written This Book?

    Author Mihir M. Patel is based in Mumbai, India. He is a Chemical Engineer(SME). Practicing chemical engineering since 1987 in process and process safety engineering. Additionally, he is a Project Management Professional (PMP®) from PMI, USA, which gives him a unique overall project perspective in addition to process perspective. He is also a TUV SUD certified Functional Safety Professional.

    It started in July 2015 when he was in Qatar, Doha working in a consultancy. He believes it is a grace of God, his good fortune and inspiration that gave him strength to write this comprehensive book. His wife encouraged and supported him in all the way.

    He wrote this book with a vision to aid all level of chemical engineers to carry out chemical process engineering in a very practical, efficient and simplified way. It took him nearly 2.5 years to perfect this handbook and launched in the beginning of 2018. Which is a composite compilation of all the key aspects of chemical engineering. Within less than 2 years, it has become popular globally, with readers being immensely benefited by it. Read more >>

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