Chapter 20: Pneumatic Conveying

20.1.1Related important references4
20.2Codes and Standards4
20.3Equipment comparison4
20.4Product grouping5
20.4.1Group I5
20.4.2Group II5
20.5Fluidization Characteristics7
20.5.1Flow Function7
20.5.2Important Flow Features7 influencing flow7
20.6.1Selection of mechanical conveyors8 conveyors8 conveyors9 conveyors10
20.7Factors for Design and Use17
20.7.1Other Parameters involved in selection22 Requirement22 Container and Pickup Point22 Equipment22 Site and Industry Environment23
20.8Pneumatic Conveying systems24
20.8.1Vacuum system24
20.8.2Pressure Mode29
20.8.3High Pressure Mode29
20.8.4Pneumatic Conveying System – Dilute versus Dense Phase32 Phase or Dilute Phase Conveying35 Phase Conveying System37
20.9Few recommended pneumatic conveying system configurations41
20.10Pneumatic conveying system components56
20.11Typical Calculation for Pneumatic Conveying68
20.11.1Estimating Pressure Drop in Dilute Phase Conveying System68
20.12Steps in System Design74
20.12.1Example of dilute phase sizing74