Chapter 5: Fans and Blowers

5.1Fans / Blowers Related Important References3
5.2Fan / Blower Terminology3
5.2.1Total Pressure versus Static Pressure5
5.3Performance of Fans / Blowers6
5.3.1Performance Curve of Fan / Blowers6
5.3.2System Characteristics9
5.3.3Fan Characteristics9
5.3.4System Characteristics and Fan Curves10
5.4Classification of Fans / Blowers12
5.4.1Axial Flow Fans14
5.4.2Centrifugal Fans19
5.4.3Centrifugal Blower22
5.4.4Drive Arrangement23
5.4.5Comparison amongst Various Centrifugal Fan Types24 Design and Selection24 Performance and Efficiency24 Fans / Blowers with AF Blades26 Fans / Blowers with BC and BI Blades27 Fans / Blowers with Radial Tip Blades (RT)29 Fans / Blowers with Forward Curved (FC) Blades30 Blowers, Turbo Blowers33 Fan / Blowers34 Blowers35
5.5Process Control of Fan / Blowers42
5.5.1Series and Parallel Operation44
5.5.2Factors to be considered in the Selection of Flow Control Methods46
5.5.3Comparisons of Similar Fans & Blowers50
5.6Process Calculation for Fans / Blowers54
5.7Process Data Sheet for Fans & Blowers55
5.8Technical Bid Analysis57
5.9Fans & Blower Glossary58