Chapter 38: Heat Exchanger Optimization

38.1Heat Exchanger Design Optimization & Specifications3
38.2Overview of TEMA and Selection Guidelines3
38.2.1Selection Guidelines – Type of Exchanger3
38.2.2Reboiler Selection Chart9 of Reboiler10 of Fluid Evaporated In Reboiler20
38.3S & T Heat Exchanger Optimization Guidance20
38.3.1Overview of TEMA20
38.4Heat Exchanger Design (Thermal Design)24
38.4.1Salient Points of Each Type of Heads and Shells25
38.4.2Program Capabilities27
38.4.3The Various Geometry Specifications27
38.4.4Calculation Modes28
38.4.5Data Entry into HTRI29
38.4.6Stream Definitions Summary31
38.4.7Output Interpretation33
38.5Examples of Optimized S & T Heat Exchangers34
38.6Optimization of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers72
38.7Examples of Optimized Air Cooled Heat Exchangers80