Chapter 27: Engineering Disciplines and Sequence of Engineering

27.1Engineering Disciplines3
27.2Interaction of Engineering Disciplines with Process3
27.2.1Piping Discipline3 Plot Plans and Overall Plot plan3 Produced by Piping Discipline6
27.2.2Instrumentation Discipline8 & Trip Set Points8 / Sequential Diagrams8 Graphics9
27.2.3Civil Discipline14
27.2.4Electrical Discipline15 of Motor List17
27.2.5Mechanical Discipline18 Orientation18 Of Column Internals / Other Internals19 Mounted Equipment19 / Fans / Blowers20
27.3Inter discipline Interactions explained in Diagrams22
27.4.1Contents of Report40
27.5Cost Estimation41
27.6Financial Analysis42
27.6.1Investment Outlay42 fixed investment42 fixed investment42 expenses42 expenses42 capital42
27.6.2Means of Financing43 Capital, Equity, Preference43 government subsidy43 term debt43 liabilities43
27.7Fundamentals of Financial analysis43
27.7.1Time line Concept44
27.7.2Cash Flow44
27.7.3Investment evaluation45
27.8Project Ranking49
27.8.1Simple Payout50
27.8.2Mutually Exclusive Projects50
27.8.3Sensitivity Analysis53
27.8.4Present value ratio54