Chapter 7: Pressure vessels, Tanks and Bullets

7.1.1Related important references3
7.2Pressure Vessels3
7.2.2Types of equipment coming under pressure vessel category3
7.2.3Codes and Standards3 Vessel codes of few countries4 Section I6 Section VIII Division I6 Section VIII Division II7 Section VIII, Division III7 CODE7 Vessels8
7.3Process Engineer’s Role8
7.4Storage Tanks11
7.4.2Specifying Storage Requirements11
7.4.3Tank Services12
7.4.4Classification of Products13
7.4.5Tank Types13 Pressure Storage Tanks14 Roof Tanks18 and Bullets22 / Cryogenic Storage24 Bullets31
7.4.6Guidelines for Location and Spacing33
7.4.7General Appurtenances33 Heating33 Coatings34 Mixing34 Sump39
7.4.8Tank Breathing39 of Normal Vacuum/Venting Capacities40 of Pressure Set Points on Blanketed Tanks41 of Emergency Venting Capacity43 valves for Floating Roof Tanks43
7.4.9Safety Considerations46
7.4.10Design Considerations for Tankfarm Layout47
7.4.11Corrosion Allowance54
7.4.13Process Datasheet Preparation54