Chapter 9: Separators

9.1.1Related important references3
9.2Design Codes3
9.3Design Practices3
9.3.1Vessel Sizing Criteria3
9.3.2Maximum Allowable Vapour Velocity for Vapour-Liquid Separation6
9.3.3Mist Eliminators10 Mist Extractors20 and Fiber Beds26 Blanket locations29
9.3.4Liquid Holdup and Surge Times in Separators29 Drums30
9.3.5Comparison between Vertical and Horizontal Vapor-Liquid Separators32
9.3.6Liquid-Liquid Separation33
9.3.7Vessel Configurations and Sizing Methodology34 Separator Vessels34 Separators41 – Hydrocarbon Emulsions47
9.4Process Datasheet Preparation48
9.4.1Choosing Vessel Orientation48
9.4.2Optimizing Vessel Size48
9.4.3Nozzle Location and Sizing49
9.4.4Design Pressure, Temperature and Minimum Design Temperature (MDT)50
9.4.5Vessel Support51
9.4.6Additional Clarifying Information51
9.5Process Calculations52
9.6Functions of Circular Segments85