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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Don't worry, our support team will help you over the Phone, Chat, Screen sharing softwares etc.

    AnyDesk, TeamViewer, Whatsapp, Skype, Call, Email... whatever is available with the reader.

    No, it cannot be installed on Android, Mobile, Tablet, MAC.
    It can be only installed on Windows OS (Laptop/Desktop)

    Not yet available. Reason being that the book is of 3 volumes and includes 4000 pages which becomes too bulky if printed. Readers have mostly preferred downloadable or pendrive version.

    For Download version, One activation code works with one system.
    But Pendrive can be used in all windows computers except company system if they are restricting the pendrives and other programs.


    You may contact us, we will provide an activation code with a minimal price of Rs.500 within india and $10 outsude india.

    Pendrive is not impacted with this.

    Yes, we deliver worldwide. Shipping charges may vary country to country.

    Following are the shipping charges of countries listed below. If shipping charges is missing of your country, please do contact us. We will check with our logistic team and get back to you with the shipping charges.

    Group A: $28 Group B: $38 Group C: $84 Group E $45
    Egypt Libya Iran Algeria
    Kenya Nigeria
    South Africa Sudan
    China Tanzania
    Indonesia Zimbabwe
    Malaysia Kazakhstan
    Pakistan Mongolia
    Qatar Finland
    Saudi Arabia Iceland
    Sri Lanka Norway
    UAE Russia
    France Ukrain
    Germany Cuba
    Italy Greenland
    Netherlands Brazil
    Spain Ankara
    United Kingdom
    United States
    New Zealand