Chapter 29: Process Design Documentation

29.1.1Related References4
29.2Process Engineers Role4
29.2.1Process Engineering Activities4
29.2.2Overview of Key Process Engineering Documents4
29.3Process Basis Of Design (BOD)7
29.4Process Simulation Report17
29.5Equipment List18
29.6Block Flow Diagram (BFD)20
29.7Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) and Utility Flow Diagram (UFD)22
29.8Process Description24
29.9Process Philosophy Documents25
29.10Material Selection Report / Diagrams28
29.11Fluid List33
29.12Process Safeguarding Flow Diagrams (PSFD)40
29.13Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)42
29.13.2Stages for P&IDs in Project43 – Issued For Review43 – Issued For Hazop46 Issue – Issued For Design46 – Issued For Construction47 Built P&IDs47
29.13.3Softwares used in P&IDs62
29.13.4Licensor P&IDs62
29.13.5Vendor P&IDs63
29.13.6Engineering guidelines for information in P&IDs63
29.13.7Representation of Equipments in P&ID74 Vessels (Including Reactors and Columns)74 and Tube Heat Exchangers78 Heat Exchangers82 Heaters, Boilers, Incinerators93 and Blowers94 and Gas Turbine Drivers94 Equipment94
29.13.10Process Control102
29.13.12Insulation, Tracing and Jacketing103
29.13.13Utility Connections103
29.13.14Unit Battery Limit Isolation105
29.13.15Symbols Normally used in P&IDs105
29.13.16Instrumentation Simplified and Detailed representation on P&IDs120
29.13.17Pressure relief Valves122
29.13.19Equipments Symbols141
29.13.20Typical Pump piping165
29.13.21Typical P&ID Representations174
29.13.22Piping Spec Breaks Typical Representations201
29.13.23Simplified and detail representation in P&IDs of motors202
29.13.24Representation of sample collectors in P&IDs218
29.14Equipment sizing calculations (static & rotating)223
29.15Process data sheets (PDS)224
29.16Instrumentation process data sheet (IPDS)234
29.17Relief and depressurising load summary236
29.18control narrative238
29.19A) Shutdown Logic Diagram242
B) Cause and Effect Diagram242
29.20Utility summary / catalyst and chemical summary244
29.21Effluent and emissions summary246
29.22Line List247
29.23Tie-In List249
29.24Special Piping Item List (SPI List)250
29.25Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual251
29.26DP-DT diagram (Design Pressure – Design temperature)255