Chapter 36: Precommissioning, Commissioning and Guarantee Run

36.2Definitions & Stages Involved3
36.2.2Sequence of Activities5
36.2.3Management Issues7
36.2.4Technical Issues7
36.2.5Special Tip7
36.3Organogram for Startup9
36.5Documentation Required by Process Engineer11
36.5.1Pre-Commissioning Procedures12
36.5.2Inspection and Testing13
36.5.3Clean Up Of Area13
36.5.4Site Preparation, Foundations and Structural Steel13
36.5.5Checking Plant against P&ID13
36.5.6Vessels and Tanks14
36.5.7Columns Inspection and Box Up15
36.5.8Heat Exchangers16
36.5.9Air Cooled Exchangers16
36.5.10Rotating Equipment17
36.5.11Electrical Motor Drivers18
36.5.12Pumps / Blowers18
36.5.14Instrumentation (General)19
36.5.15Hydro Testing19
36.5.16Process Piping Flushing/Cleaning21
36.5.17Cleaning of lines and equipment22 Lines23 Blowing24 Testing With Safe Fluids (Water Run)24 Testing26 Testing Procedure26 of Essential Utilities27
36.6Package Unit Pre-Commissioning31
36.7Pre-Commissioning of Electrical /Instrumentation Systems31
36.8Commissioning activities31
36.9Guarantee run31
36.10Budget allocation32
36.10.1Start Up Budget32
36.10.2Preliminary Estimate for Startup Costs32
36.11Time involved34
36.11.1Estimate for Startup Time34
36.12.1Responsibility Matrix34
36.13Specific Procedures40
36.14Pre-Startup / Safety Review Checklist49
36.15Machinery Commissioning Checklist53