Chapter 12: Agitated vessels

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12.1Introduction to Agitated Jacketed Vessels3
12.1.1Agitated vessel related important references3
12.1.2Purpose of agitated vessels3
12.2Process Design4
12.3Types of Vessels4
12.4Mixing types and purposes9
12.4.2Solid / Liquid Mixing10
12.4.3Liquid-Liquid dispersion10
12.4.4Gas-liquid Dispersion10
12.4.5Heat Transfer11
12.5Vortex Formation and Baffles11
12.5.2Preventing vortex11
12.6Types of Agitators12
12.7Types of jackets, Coils24
12.7.1Matching Jacket Types to the Heat Transfer Media25
12.7.2Conventional Jackets25
12.7.3Half-Pipe Coil Jackets27
12.7.4Dimple Jackets (also known as plate coils)27
12.7.5Draft Tubes28
12.8Material of Constructions29
12.9Agitator Drive system31
12.9.1Shaft seals33
12.10Process Design of Agitated Vessels35
12.10.1Calculation Method for Agitated Reactor with Limpet Coil Jacket36
12.10.2Calculation for Jacketed Agitated Reactor47
12.11Power Requirement55
12.11.1Agitator Power Calculation55
12.11.2Power Number Curves for Various Type of Impeller59
12.12Calculated Example of Process Design of Agitated Vessel64
12.13Special Coverage on All Glass equipment73