Chapter: 2 General (Sub Index)

2.1Units of measurement4
2.1.2SI Terminology4
2.1.3Imperial Terminology5
2.1.4Stream Flowrates6
2.1.5Standard Conditions6
2.1.6Generic Site Considerations7
2.2Design Codes and Recommended Practices8
2.2.1List of Standards Organizations by Equipment Categories8
2.2.2List of Major Codes and Standards11
2.3Simulations and process design15
2.3.1Types of Simulations15
2.3.2Components of a Simulator18
2.3.3Simulation Programs18
2.3.4Basic Steps and Decisions for Simulation18 Basic Steps of a Simulation Study18 for Simulating19 and Decisions for Conducting a Simulation Study20 phases of making a simulation file21 sheeting22 Levels22 steps23
2.3.5Recommended Property Packages and Methods24 and Hypotheticals25 Conditions and Product Specifications28
2.4Design conditions for equipment and piping30
2.4.1Design Pressure30
2.4.2Design Temperature31
2.4.3Design Margins33
2.4.4Manning Philosophy34
2.4.5Software utilized by Process Engineers35
2.5Fluid Property Calculation Methods35
2.5.1Characterization properties36
2.5.2Pure Substance Properties42
2.5.3Ideal gas properties45
2.5.4Bulk (PVT) properties of fluids48
2.5.5Transport properties51
2.5.6Phase Equilibrium Properties57 behavior and phase diagrams57 phase diagrams58 phase diagrams60 and fugacity coefficient64 and activity coefficient65 equilibrium calculation66 state fugacity67 Equilibrium Computation Methods70
2.6Dimensionless Numbers used in Process Engineering73
2.7.1System models82
2.7.2Interactions of thermodynamic systems83
2.7.3Homogeneous and Heterogeneous system83
2.7.4Types of ThermodynamicSystems84
2.7.5Macroscopic System85
2.7.6States and Processes85 Equilibrium86 and Intensive Properties88 and Heat88
2.7.7Reversible and Irreversible processes90
2.7.8Change of Phase92 and Subcooled Liquids92 Content93 and Superheated Vapors94 Pressure Heat Addition94 Point94 Point95
2.7.9Property Diagrams96
2.7.10Thermodynamic Definitions101
2.8.1Glossary in Stoichiometry116
2.9Reaction Chemistry and Reactors119
2.10Units Conversion in Process Engineering124