40 Excel Based Chemical Process Calculation Templates

    # Template Number Click to view excel sheet templates
    1 HCPE-MMP-0001 Three phase horizontal separator – bucket and weir
    2 HCPE-MMP-0002 Flow orifice
    3 HCPE-MMP-0003 PSV Relief scenario load calculation
    4 HCPE-MMP-0004 Heating time calculation for agitated reactor
    5 HCPE-MMP-0005 Flare Knock Out Drum
    6 HCPE-MMP-0006 Flare Purge Gas
    7 HCPE-MMP-0007 Agitated Reaction Vessel calculation (limpet coil)
    8 HCPE-MMP-0008 Blow down orifice
    9 HCPE-MMP-0009 Solar evaporation pond (free evaporation)
    10 HCPE-MMP-0010 Solar evaporation pond (forced evaporation)
    11 HCPE-MMP-0011 Gas / Liquid Control valve Cv calculation
    12 HCPE-MMP-0012 Steam control valve Cv calculation
    13 HCPE-MMP-0013 PSV sizing calculation
    14 HCPE-MMP-0014 Gravity Oil Interceptor Separator sizing
    15 HCPE-MMP-0015 Hot Oil Expansion Vessel Sizing calculation
    16 HCPE-MMP-0016 Compressor Settle Out Pressure calculation
    17 HCPE-MMP-0017 Shell & Tube Exchanger sizing calculation
    18 HCPE-MMP-0018 Surge Pressure Calculation
    19 HCPE-MMP-0019 Two phase pressure drop API 14E calculation
    20 HCPE-MMP-0020 Gas pressure drop calculation
    21 HCPE-MMP-0021 Liquid pressure drop calculation
    22 HCPE-MMP-0022 API 2000 Tank Breathing calculation
    23 HCPE-MMP-0023 Unit Conversion Calculation
    24 HCPE-MMP-0024 Pressure-Temperature / ANSI B 16.5 # rating calculation
    25 HCPE-MMP-0025 Material Selection Template
    26 HCPE-MMP-0026 Atmospheric Storage Tank calculation
    27 HCPE-MMP-0027 Dew Point Calculator
    28 HCPE-MMP-0028 Fan Power Calculation
    29 HCPE-MMP-0029 Cooling Tower calculation
    30 HCPE-MMP-0030 Agitator Power calculation
    31 HCPE-MMP-0031 Agitated Reaction Vessel calculation (jacket)
    32 HCPE-MMP-0032 Oil Pipeline Batching Study calculation
    33 HCPE-MMP-0033 Insulation Thickness calculation
    34 HCPE-MMP-0034 Rupture Disc Sizing
    35 HCPE-MMP-0035 Pipeline Heat Loss Calculation
    36 HCPE-MMP-0036 Horizontal bullet volume
    37 HCPE-MMP-0037 Separators (two-phase, three phase)
    38 HCPE-MMP-0038 Centrifugal Pump Calculation sheet
    39 HCPE-MMP-0039 Screw Pump Calculation sheet
    40 HCPE-MMP-0040 Reciprocating Pump Calculation sheet