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1 No. of Chapters 44
2 No. of Pages 4000
3 Figures 2265
4 Tables 440
5 Calculation Templates 40
6 Datasheets 93
7 TBE Blank Formats 11
8 Checklists 25

Are You A Chemical Engineer?

And looking for a good reference Book to improve your knowledge & skills?

So here is Mihir’s Handbook which benefited many readers in United States and other areas of the world with its vast and varied table of contents that guarantees to explain & impress, covering all aspect of Chemical Process Engineering.

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Chemical Engineering book

The book titled “Mihir’s Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering” will aid the chemical engineer to carry out chemical process engineering in a very practical way. The process engineer can use the excel based calculation templates effectively to do correct and proper process design. Chemical engineering is a very vast and complex field. This book aims to simplify the process engineering design.

Design of a chemical plant involves one being adept in technical aspects of process engineering. This chemical engineering book aims at making the chemical engineer proficient in the art of process design.

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Included are chemical engineering basics on simulation, stoichiometry, fluid property calculation, dimensionless numbers, thermodynamics and on chemical engineering equipment like pump, compressor, steam turbine, gas turbine, flare, motor, fired heater, incinerator, heat exchanger, distillation column, fractionation column, absorber, stripper, packed column, solar evaporation pond, separator. Utility design of nitrogen, compressed air, water, effluent treatment, steam, condensate, desalination, fuel selection is covered.

Many chemical engineering calculations have been included. Special process items like flame arrestor, demister, feed device, pressure reducing and desuperheating station (PRDS), vortex breaker, electric heater, manual valve have been covered.

Process engineering design criteria, process control, material of construction, specialized process studies, safety studies, precommisioning and commissioning have been covered.

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Important Details on Pump Selection – Types, Usages, Series vs Parallel Operation

3.5 OVERALL PUMP OPTIONS: The following chart gives an introduction of pump selection options as a function of flow and required head.           Fig 3.1: Pump Selection Guide Chart              Pump Capacity, gpm    Fig... read more

Selection of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers – TEMA Types, Comparisons & Usage Applications

6.4.1 TEMA Types TEMA standards cover the heavy-duty heat exchangers (TEMA R) as well as the lighter duty heat exchangers (TEMA C and TEMA B). Refineries typically use only the TEMA “R” heat exchangers due to... read more

Methodology of Pressure Settings on Storage Tanks & Tank PDS Preparation

Case Scenario: A fixed roof tank storing flammable material is having inert gas blanketing. The outlet of nitrogen blanket is taken to a LP flare system. Below is the sequence of pressure set point engineering (refer... read more

How to Design Utilities – Liquid Fuels, Compressed Air/Dryers & Boilers

16.2.2 Liquid Fuel Introduction Fuel oil is a fraction obtained from petroleum distillation, either as a distillate or a residue.  Broadly speaking, fuel oil is any liquid petroleum product that is burned in a furnace or... read more

How to Select Project Types / Stages With Examples for a Process Engineer

 26.1 PROJECT STAGES: A process engineer should be aware of the various stages (table 26.1) that a project can undergo. It is not necessary for all projects to pass through each and every of below mentioned stages. However,... read more

How To Select & Specify Special Process Items With Important Details On Flame Arresters, Spray Nozzles, Liquid Filtration, Strainers

24.1 Flame Arresters: Flame arresters are used: to stop the spread of an open fire to limit the spread of an explosive event that has occurred to protect potentially explosive mixtures from igniting to confine fire within an enclosed, controlled,... read more

Handbook Details

1 No. of Chapters 44
2 No. of Pages 4000
3 Figures 2265
4 Tables 440
5 Calculation Templates 40
6 Datasheets 93
7 TBE Blank Formats 11
8 Checklists 25


The author, Mihir M. Patel is a Chemical Engineer with a Master’s degree from USA in 1987. He has been practicing chemical engineering over 34 years in process and process safety engineering. Additionally, he is a Project Management Professional (PMP®) from PMI, USA, which gives him a unique overall project perspective in addition to process perspective.

He has worked all around the globe, in small as well as mega greenfield and brownfield projects. The projects have been oil & gas, petrochemicals, polymerization as well as chemical plants. The processes have been continuous as well as batch.

He has worked in premium companies in design as well as in operations field.

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